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Chronic Disease Self Management

An important recommendation was for each of us to prepare a note book or binder to record all our health issues and history including prescriptions we have in our cupboards and those we actually are taking.  This record can be taken to all appointments and will have the most comprehensive and up to date information for specialists and doctors.

Some of the many resources and weblinks: - this website provides your lab results for up to your last 50 test results - there is a demonstration video that you can watch to help you understand how to use the site but you will need an email address to register. - An online Chronic Disease Self Management Program, a free educational workshop giving you the tools to live a healthier life. - This can be downloaded to your mobile phone or iPad, or accessed through the internet.  It is a calorie counter and fitness diary and is very user friendly (this site comes highly recommended by Erika, Clinical Nurse Practitioner).

There are many more websites, handouts and pamphlets addressing specific health situations available at the Health Centre and from Lynne covering: Heart Disease, Insomnia, Mental Health, Cancer and guides to a healthier lifestyle.

Note:  If you are concerned or worried about your health or the management of a chronic disease please make an appointment at the Pemberton Health Centre or contact Lynne on 604-894-6939 or drop in 1403 Portage Road, Pemberton.

Posted: Friday, April 04, 2014