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September Updates

1.  Women's Institute Perennial Plants and Bake Sale - 9:00 a.m. - Noon... 881 Erickson Road (10.5 km from Scotia Bank).  This event will be done by 30 minute appointments only. Face masks requested 2 meter distancing required : email: Exact change or E-transfer accepted

2.  The library is very pleased to announce that they will now be open for express browsing on  Thursdays from 10 am until 1 pm.
To ensure your visit to the library is safe and enjoyable, please follow our guidelines:

◾Please sanitise your hands on entry and exit
◾Please wear your face mask
◾Children must be accompanied by an adult
◾Limit your stay to 30 mins or less, so that others have a chance to browse
◾Please note that there is no public seating available
◾Our maximum capacity for browsing is 6 people, please consider sending in one family member if possible
◾Practice social distancing, keep 2m from other patrons and staff
◾Please return library items to the drop box on Cottonwood Street, which is open 24/7
◾Please try to minimize handling items and place anything you have handled but are not borrowing on the carts provided

Interlibrary loans are back: you can now request to borrow items from other BC Libraries. Keep in mind we can't borrow items newer than 12 months or items we already own.  For more information check out the library website:

3. New fitness centre hours will start up on Tuesday, Sept. 29 - here are the times for seniors.

Tuesday & Thursday
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
**Please call to reserve***

As of September 29th there will be  2 bookable fitness spaces:

Main Fitness Centre: The newly re-organized Fitness Centre Strength space has a selection of Squat Racks, Plate-loaded Equipment, Cable Towers, Dumbbells, Weight Machines, Benches, Medicine Balls, Kettlebells, 2x Treadmills and 1x Elliptical and 2x Keiser spin bikes

Great Hall A: Full set of Dumbbells, 1x Elliptical,  2-4 Keiser Spin bikes, 1x Recumbent Bike, Concept 2 Rower, Chest Press Machine, Seated Low Row Machine, Seated Lat Pulldown Machine, Medicine Balls

Each location has a reduced occupancy limit of 12 to accommodate the required physical distance of 2 meters. 
We are not accepting drop-ins at this time. New members are welcome.

**Room C will no longer be available**

 Online Booking Procedures  

 Log in at  or click "Book Now" on our Fitness Centre page

4.  How can you tell when email attachments are safe. 

With all the sophisticated methods that hackers hold up their sleeve, it may seem impossible to distinguish between suspicious emails and legitimate messages. However, there is actually an easy way to tell if email attachments are safe that works the vast majority of the time. You can tell if an email attachment is safe by assessing the file extension.

A file extension is the three letters that follow the period at the end of the file name. Microsoft has classified several types of dangerous extensions; however, only a few are considered safe. These are GIF, JPG or JPEG, TIF or TIFF, MPG or MPEG, MP3 and WAV. These extensions represent different file types and are the formats that the majority of internet users tend to send as email attachments.

If you receive an email, even if it is from a friend or a bank, that does not have one of the file extensions listed above after the file name and subsequent period, you should never open the attachment unless you know for certain that it is legitimate. Other file extensions that are commonly sent as email attachments such as DOC, XLS and TXT, which represent text documents and Excel files, can be infected with the worst computer viruses. However, many users send these types of documents for work-related reasons, and if you know the sender and you are expecting the file or know what it's about, these attachments should be safe to open as well.

Finally, you should be exceptionally wary of files with double extensions, such as image.gif.exe. The only extension that matters is the last one. In the example above, EXE represents an executable file that will automatically run software upon download. Files with double extensions are almost always deceptive and malicious in intent.

5. Dear Nature Camp Families and SPS Members, 

A reminder that you are invited to join Stewardship Pemberton Society at our first virtual Annual General Meeting this:    Thursday, September 10th @ 6:30pm
Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, we will be hosting our 2020 AGM online via Zoom. If you haven't yet used Zoom, it's a free platform and no account is required to participate in the meeting. You can choose to join online or via phone.
The AGM is open to all. Although we ask that you please RSVP no later than Thursday at 10am so we can be sure to send you the link to join us. Please respond to this email to confirm your attendance. 
This meeting is open to anyone who would like to hear about our 2019 achievements, however, only current Stewardship Pemberton Society members in good standing can vote at our AGM. If you'd like to become a member, or renew your SPS membership, please follow the below link to help us to continue to do great things! 

( )

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Stewardship Pemberton Society Team
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Posted: Wednesday, September 09, 2020