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April 16 Updates

1.  Village Updates includes local updates and many useful links. 

2. Vancouver Coastal Health   April 8    April 10  April 16  Covid-19 updates

3. The following is information shared through a fellow member of the Advisory committee to BC Senior Advocate: 

Here is some good news for seniors who are receiving OAS and GIS  you will be automatically receiving  $300.00 supplement for April, May and June.  After many years of receiving $49.30 for single or $120.50 for couples they will be receiving a temporary catch-up with $300.00 supplement for each of the three months.  Amazing how only a virus can get legislators to do something dramatic about increasing BC Seniors Supplements however short or temporary.  Finally our voices are being heard to improve the quality of life for low income seniors!
The webpage below would show the rate table of OAS/GIS income to be eligible for BC Seniors Supplement:
"BC Seniors Supplement" is a bit misleading as this would sound like for all or any BC seniors.  This monthly supplement is meant only  for BC seniors with OAS/GIS income.
Other Supports you may wish to explore:
For information about the temporary rental supplement, including eligibility criteria, visit: or call 1.877.757.2577
If you are experiencing violence and need help during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit:
Mental Health Supports During COVID-19
To ensure British Columbians have increased access to vital mental health supports during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Province has announced $5 million to expand existing mental health programs and services and launch new services to support British Columbians. 
Enhanced virtual services will help all British Columbians with mental health needs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, with a focus on adults, youth and front-line health care workers.
Visit the  Province's COVID-19 website  for a listing of resources.

Posted: Thursday, April 16, 2020