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Zoom Link

1.  Link to instructions for using Zoom

2.  Community Support Information

3.  Zoom Chat - FREE

3pm Friday April 24th and 1pm Tuesday April 28th

Say hello to other 50+ community members, chat, and have a chance to practice using Zoom before we commence our online classes. Zoom is an application which allows for video calls to be made via the internet. Please find attached a PDF with information on how to register and set up Zoom on your laptop, computer, tablet or smart phone.

4.  50+ Online Chair Yoga - FREE

8:45 - 9:30am Thursdays starting April 30th

This is a soft, gentle yoga class where breath, movement & meditation are all combined. With your eyes half or fully closed you will focus on bending, stretching & folding using your breathe to relax & release tension, calm your mind & restore your energy. This is a peaceful calming class interlaced with laughter.

5.  Some interesting video links:

Pemberton Museum<>

What: Online Video Archives

Derek Waltons Videos

What: Homemade video edits

Squamish Lillooet Cultural Centre

What: Craft demonstration videos. List of materials needed on website.

Community Support Link

Posted: Friday, April 24, 2020