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B.C. Programs - support and Information

1.  For people in B.C. currently receiving income assistance or disability assistance, the Province will temporarily exempt federal employment insurance benefits, including the new $2,000 Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB). These payments will be fully exempted for the next three months so people receiving income assistance and disability assistance in B.C. will benefit from these new emergency federal support programs, without any reductions to their monthly assistance payments.

2. B.C. Hydro Announcements:  This is a link is to CBC's announcement related to a Hydro announcement of a 1 % reduction for all and a program to help residential customers who have lost jobs or had wages reduced as a result of COVID-19.  They will receive a credit worth three times their average monthly bill over the past year. It will not have to be repaid.  [$477 reduction for average out-of-work residential customer.]

3.  Remember there are many people willing to help if you need it.. contact liaison is Maddy Hepner .  

Consider reaching out to those living alone.  They are only a phone call away and would probably love to chat for a while.

Posted: Friday, April 03, 2020