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Summer Update #4 Added July 19


July 21 - PVSS sponsored Picnic in the grounds of the Pemberton Catholic Church.  Lunch provided for members who have registered.  Bring your own drink, chair and sunprotection.  Starting at 11:00 a.m.

August 11 - PVSS Sponsored Picnic at Helmer's Farm, starting at 11:00 .. there will be tents, tables and a few chairs, Lunch will be provided for members but please bring your own drinks and a chair if you can.  

2. VACCINE PASSPORT  - How to apply

1.  Vaccine passport?  BC residents already have one but you may not be aware!
(Canada has not yet made one available so we are ahead of the curve and this is exciting news for future travel).   
You can now carry your government confirmed proof of vaccination in your smart phone. 

Getting started:   Find your health card (CARE card) sometimes on the back of your driver's licence. 
Go to your phone's app store.     Load.   'BC Services Card'. Free
Follow all prompts - i.e. scan the new health card, they will ask you on site to take photo and video
These are your very secure health records so they take a lot of pains to ensure security and that no one else can access your health records.
In 1 to 2 days they will send you an email authorization. Go back to the loaded BC services card, click -Find services tab,  then scroll down and look for
Health Gateway written in blue- click it
It will then ask you to login with your secure login. Then you can access a number of services including prescriptions, lab tests and in the future much more health data. 
Your  immunizations  will show there but also there is a separate tab for Covid passport -isn't that cool!!! thank you BC. 
Screenshot it.     Print it out
When the Canadian US border opens they will not have the Canadian vaccination passport or secure records otherwise ready yet so if you want to avoid a two week quarantine you need to have loaded this so you have an official government "passport" as those little cards that we give you are not really official (but in the interim they will "probably" accept them.
And when you are logged into HealthGateway, it will let you download the PDF (looks digitally signed) record of your vaccine shots. (Choose Immunization) That might be useful to download to your phone before you maybe crossing a border and potentially not have wifi or cell data working. Note some airports actively block wifi and cell data in customs areas for various reasons.

3. Community Fitness Centre - new hours as of July 26.. Please check the websites: for updates on Phase 3 of reStart Plan and to book your timeslots.

4.  Canadian Government App for travellers returning/arriving in Canada

Below is a link to the Help page so you can read about it before using the link on that page to download the app.  



Posted: Saturday, July 17, 2021