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Mid March Update

Store Hours changed:

Tuesday to Saturday       8am to 10am - for elderly and and immune compromised

10am - 6pm - for the general public

Sunday - Monday           Closed


To help out the seniors in the community during this difficult time, we will be offering a grocery delivery service on Tuesday & Thursday.
As this is a new service there will be a bit of a learning curve so please have patience with us as we try to implement this service to help our seniors.  Please keep orders to a manageable volume.
We are asking you to get your order in by 7pm the day before for delivery in the afternoon the next day.
Orders can be placed by e-mail to
Please make sure to provide your name, address & contact number

We will do our best to provide the groceries as requested on your list, but some substitutions may be required.  If this is the case we will call & confirm the changes.
Please try & be specific with your order & quantities required so as to avoid any confusion.
Payment will be by credit card only, which will need to be provided @ the time of order to process the transaction.
We will call you once the order is put together to confirm the total & ask for credit card payment to process the order.
A copy of the receipt will be attached to your delivered order.

Recommendations from Board:
1. Self-isolate if you are 70+yrs or have any underlying health condition that would compromise your safety. 
2. Practice good hygiene and healthy eating and exercise. A walk in the sunshine is a great idea. 
3. Monitor for any symptoms of Covert 19 -  especially fever, cough or shortness of breath. Contact health centre or doctor before going to clinic. If in any doubt about your symptoms call 811 (CDC nurse help line) or local clinic for advice. A reputable site for information on Covert 19 -
4. Stay informed and connected. I will send regular updates to our members. However the VOP and other Community services are sending out updates as restrictions change.
5. If you wish to shop for food or essentials yourself the Pemberton Supermarket is open for seniors only from 8-9am each day. 
6. If you would like help with shopping the following people/organizations have offered their support: 
Lisa Corcoran 604 902 9227.
Fran Cuthbert  ‭(604) 894-5426‬
Robert Meilleur, Vice President  Lions Club
604 935 2007 or email:
If you would like help coordinating this assistance please contact me 604 906 0409 cell or email 
7. It is suggested that you could call your order in to the grocery store and arrange payment and inform them that you will be having your order picked up by a volunteer.

Kirsten McLeod, Gen. Mgr.  can be reached at:   cell:  (604) 905-8820

Posted: Wednesday, March 18, 2020